Recording Daily Stand-ups


The purpose of this instruction is to walk one team member through creating a live stream with youtube, invite team members to google hangouts from the live stream, record daily standup, and share the recorded link.

What is a Daily Stand-up

A "daily stand-up meeting" is a short, daily meeting in which all the members of the group stand up to discuss:

  1. what they did yesterday
  2. what they hope to accomplish today
  3. what obstacles they ran into the day before.

This process is not used to solve problems or resolve issues, any additional concerns can be discussed offline after the stand-up.

How Recording Will Work

Each day the team will meet online for their daily stand-ups. These stand-ups will be recorded via and one person will upload a link to the recording through canvas to turn in.

Note: Only one person from your team needs to create a recording.


Navigating to Enable Live Streaming

  1. Go to and login with a Gmail account.
  2. Note: We will use google hangouts with youtube to record daily stand-ups which means you should login with a google email.
  3. On the top right-hand corner look for icon representing your account and click it.
  4. Image of upper left-hand corner of youtube
  5. In the dropdown, click "Creator Studio".
  6. Pop-up account menu
  7. If you haven't uploaded videos before, you will see something like this.
  8. Image of Youtube dashboard
  9. On the left-hand side is your "Creator Studio" menu, click "Live Streaming" to expand its menu.
  10. Image of Creator Studio
  11. Click "Events".
  12. Image of expanded menu for Live Streaming
  13. In the center window, click "Enable live streaming".
  14. Image of Youtube dashboard

Account Verfication

  1. Choose how Youtube will verify your account. In this case, it is easier to choose text.
  2. Additional information will appear, enter your 10-digit mobile number to receive a text message.
  3. Click Submit.
  4. Walkthrough of verifying account via text message
  5. Wait for a text message from Google.
  6. Once you receive the text message, enter the code and click "Submit".
  7. Input field to type confirmation code
  8. Once verified, click "Ok".
  9. Image of confirmation complete
  10. Read and accept terms and conditions.
  11. Terms and conditions for streaming content

Create Live Event

  1. In the center window, click "Enable live streaming".
  2. Image of Youtube dashboard
  3. This is the "Create a new event screen".
  4. A blank new event
  5. Under the "Title" field type "Standup for *insert team name* *insert date*.
  6. Example of title format
  7. On right-hand side, click on the dropdown box that says "Public".
  8. Dropdown for changing public recording to private
  9. Select "Unlisted"
  10. Selections available for viewing

    Note: You can change the privacy settings as "Public" or "Private", however, I was not successful with "Private", so I recommend "Unlisted".

  11. Next click "Share"
  12. Top-left corner of page to select share
  13. Click "Ok" to confirm share

Using Google Hangouts

    Note: You are not broadcasting until you click the green Start Broadcasting button. Do not click yet!
  1. Before recording, we want to invite you team members via Google Hangouts.
  2. Move your mouse around the screen, and a series of icons will slide into view.
  3. Looking for menu at top center of Google Hangouts
  4. Click the icon on the menu that looks like a person with a + next to it.
  5. Invite person icon on top center menu
  6. Add all your teams email address to the "Invite" field to the conference and click "Invite".
  7. List of team members added

Recording a Broadcast

    Note: Make sure everyone is online before recording, and when starting to record, wait a few seconds because there is a delay when first on-air.
  1. In the bottom, center part of Goggle Hangouts screen, click "Start broadcast".
  2. Broadcast button bottom center of Google Hangouts
  3. Click "OK" on the pop-up stating that you can record upto 8 hours. Don't worry--Stand-ups are usually 5 minutes or less.
  4. You will see the "Start broadcast" button change, and the word "Live" appear to the right of it.
  5. The bottom center button changes to option to stop recording

Stop Recording and End Goggle Hangouts

  1. Click "Stop broadcast", and wait a minute for recording to stop.
  2. The bottom center button changes to option to stop recording

    Note: Recording has stopped, but hangouts still active.

End Google Hangouts Call

  1. Move your mouse around on Google Hangouts until the menu icons show up again.
  2. Click the icon that looks like a red phone on the top center menu.
  3. The top center menu on the right-hand side says leave call
  4. A pop-up will say "This Hangout on Air is now over".
  5. Pop confirms recording ended

Sending The Teacher The Recorded Stand-up

    Note: Next we want to send the unlisted link to our teacher. Check to see if the link needs to be submited through canvas or email.
  1. Click on the newly recorded stand-up.
  2. The title of new record meeting launches the video
  3. The video recorded will launch, copy the URL.
  4. Shows url for video recorded for sprint
  5. Send to the teacher via Canvas or email per requirement.