Trello Tutorials

Creating a Product Backlog


This tutorial walks through adding user stories to Product Backlog.

What is a Product Backlog

It is a list of features written as user stories. Each user story is written to describe the type of user, what is needed, and why. These user stories are organized from high to low priority by the product owner.

Step-By-Step Instructions

Creating a User Story for Product Backlog

  1. Under the Product Backlog list, click Add a card
  2. Image of Adding a new card to Product Backlog
  3. Enter your user story.
  4. Note: Make sure the user story says who, what, and why.
  5. Click Add
  6. Image of where to put user story in card

Adding Acceptance Criteria

    Reminder: Acceptance Criteria is a set of tasks that refine a user story. The scrum team asks questions with the product owner to confirm what defines each story as being done.
  1. Click on a user story card
  2. In the pop-up click Checklist
  3. Image of where checklist button resides in card
  4. Enter the title as Acceptance Criteria
  5. Click Add
  6. Image of adding a title to checklist
  7. Under Acceptance Criteria click Add an item and add your acceptance criteria for the user story.
  8. Reminder: Acceptance criteria follow a “Given..when...then” format Image of adding requirements for Acceptance Criteria
  9. When you finished your Product Backlog will look like this
  10. Image of finished product backlog