Trello Tutorials

Tracking User Stories through Sprint Cycle


This tutorial walks through using Trello during your Sprint Cycle.

What is a Sprint Cycle

A sprint cycle is an incremental two to four week period where a Scrum team works toward a potentially shippable product. The teams works through all the tasks required to meet the user story's acceptance criteria. When all tasks are completed it is reviewed by the team and tested before accepting as done.

Step-By-Step Instructions

Pulling Tasks

    Reminder: Pulling a task means each team member chooses a task from the Sprint Backlog to complete.
  1. Review Current Sprint Backlog and the tasks for each user story
  2. Choose one to two tasks to start working on from the Sprint's user stories
  3. Image of tasks to choose
    Note: Do not put a checkmark next to the task. This is done when the task is complete. We are just looking at what we want to work on.
  4. Once you have chosen a task(s), make sure the user story is selected
  5. On the right-hand side under the sub memnu Add, select Members
  6. Image showing where to member button resides
  7. Select your username
  8. Image of username assigning to task
    Note: This is used to show others that you are working on a task in the user story.
  9. Press the x to the right of Members pop-up to close out the box
  10. You should now see your icon under the user story
  11. Image showing username icon under user story

Documenting what you are working on and moving a user story to In Progress

    Note: Since tasks can be pulled from any team member, it is helpful to document what task you are working on.
  1. While in the user story scroll to the bottom under Add Comment
  2. Type Working on and type the task(s) you want to work on.
  3. Click Send to save
  4. Image showing comment created
  5. Next move the user story working on from Current Spring Backlog list to In Progress list
  6. Image showing move from Current Sprint Backlog to In Progress
    Note: Now other team members know what tasks are remaining to finish a user story.

Completing a Task

    Note: When a task is complete make sure to check documentation and push the latest version of your code to repository.
  1. Click on the user story that contains the completed task
  2. Put a checkmark for the task completed
  3. Image showing one user's task being completed
    Note: The Activity section of user story documents which team member completed the task
  4. Check if additional tasks needed to complete and repeat Pulling Tasks
  5. Continue process until all technical tasks are checked
  6. Image showing all tasks completed

All Tasks Completed on a User Story

    Note: Once all tasks are complete the team will review documentation, code, and tests.
  1. Create a new checklist called Confirmed Review
  2. Click Add Item for Confirmed Review
  3. Image displaying created checklist name Confirmed Review
  4. Add all of your team member names
  5. Image displays all the team members names
    Note: This is so all team members are accountable in reviewing the tasks and code
  6. Move user story from In Progress to Review
  7. Note: The review process is made up of testing implemented code, reviewing definition of done, and make sure acceptance criteria met for the user story.
  8. Go through your review process to confirm Acceptance Criteria and Definition of Done met
  9. Open user story once review completed
  10. Put a checkmark next to the criteria met.
  11. Image showing acceptance criteria being reviewed
    Note: If any Acceptance Criteria is not met then write a comment why, add additional required tasks and move card back to Current Sprint Backlog
  12. Once all Acceptance Criteria met, then each member puts a checkmark next to their name
  13. Image showing the team checking off review
  14. Move user story from Review to Done
  15. Image showing user story moving from Review to Done