Trello Tutorials

Sprint Planning


This tutorial walks through Sprint Planning phase using Trello.

What is Sprint Planning

It is a meeting where the product owner talks about their highest priority user stories and developers ask questions to breakdown these users stories from the product backlog into more specific technical tasks. Theses specfic tasks become part of the sprint backlog.

Step-By-Step Instructions

Adding Technical Tasks

    Reminder: Technical Tasks are specific code, design, test, etc, that fulfill an acceptance criteria.
  1. First move the user stories agreed upon for sprint to Current Sprint Backlog
  2. Image showing how to moved user stories
  3. Click a user story to expand the user story card
  4. Under Add on the right-hand side click Checklist
  5. Image shows where checklist button is on the right-hand side of user story card
  6. Enter the title as Technical Tasks
  7. Image shows where to type title for Task checklist
  8. Add any related tasks needed to fulfill the acceptance criteria
  9. Image shows example of tasks needed for user story

Adding Story Points

    Reminder: Story points is a measurement used to determine the amount of effort needed to implement a story and task. The measurement can be based on anything you can think of from time to complexity.
    Note: Planning-poker is a tool where a team reviews a user story and each member puts down a numeric value for the story. If the values are all different, then the team discusses why and replays the game until a concensous is made.
  1. Assign numerical point values to individual tasks agreed upon by all team mates. Click Save
  2. Image shows editing a specific technical task in the checklist and adding pts to it
  3. Add up your points per task and add the total point value to your stories by editing each user story
  4. Image shows editing the user story title and adding pts to it
  5. You should now have points assigned to each user story for your sprint and the additional tasks needed to complete the Sprint.
  6. Image showing the changes made to user story